Enterprise 软件开发

Realize your technology potential.

We develop enterprise applications to transform your individual business processes into a connective solution. Leverage our 12+ years of expertise in enterprise software development, API集成, 现代化的遗留系统, and consolidating app portfolios. Now's the time to scale, automate, integrate, and get the most out of your business.

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Enterprise 软件开发


Our expert business analysts get deep into your organization's processes to create a solution that tackles your everyday operational scenarios, be it a content management workflow, 一个生产过程, or enterprise-wide communication. We will translate your needs into technology solutions specifically designed for your business.


A compelling software application is not restricted to a sleek user interface and engaging user experience. It is also about reduced technical risk through well constructed architectural design. Our enterprise solutions provide a stable backbone that easily integrates with other systems, 是符合成本效益的, 并随着时间的推移而增强.

Diversified enterprise software development services.

We help enterprises transform processes, 提高操作效率, and enhance organizational agility with a diverse range of enterprise software development services. We have developed 100+ 企业软件 solutions for diversified industries including, 医疗保健, 专业服务, 和更多的. Whether you are looking for expert custom enterprise software development or experienced developers to integrate existing software, you can rely on our team of experts.

Custom Enterprise 软件开发 Custom Enterprise 软件开发

Support your business infrastructure with scalable software that improves key facets of your enterprise. Get access to our industry-specific knowledge to design, 构建, and scale your new enterprise software solution.

企业移动服务 企业移动服务

Our end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions allow organizations to safely and efficiently manage the extensive use of mobile devices that can support a large number of users in their business environment.

Digital Transformation 服务 Digital Transformation 服务

DevDigital is your reliable digital transformation partner. Leverage our expertise in using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes to meet changing market requirements.

数据管理 数据管理

Stay ahead with effective data management strategy, 预测分析, and intelligent automation using our in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies such as big data, 数据科学, 认知计算, 区块链, 和更多的.

软件集成 软件集成

Improve your software infrastructure with well-built microservices, 可靠的API, 和数据集成. With our software integration services, we can 构建 supplemental systems that integrate with your current ones to boost efficiency.

Legacy Application Modernization Legacy Application Modernization

Outdated software comes with significant risks and can be expensive to maintain. Let our expert team perform an in-depth feature and technical analysis of your legacy solution and improve it with the latest tools and technologies.

Put your confidence in our diversified custom software solutions.

We convert your strategies into software systems and technology processes that optimize your business performance. Our enterprise software integrates the tools you use every day. We can integrate CRMs, BI and analytics, support solutions, IPAAS. Experience how a complete business ecosystem will improve your organization's productivity and efficiency.

  • 统一通信
  • 移动员工 & BYOD
  • ECM和文件管理
  • 生产力应用程序
  • 计费 & 会计
  • 企业网络
  • 性能优化
  • 云计算
  • 信息安全

Our Proven processes for enterprise software development.

Our expert software development team starts with a thorough planning and preparation meeting to fully understand your organization. We will create an internal gameplan that will deliver what your business needs ­ and walk with you throughout each step of the process.

Our software development team works with you through research and strategy to develop a deep understanding of your requirements to uncover key insights. We use these key insights to 构建 the right solution to accomplish your goals, 在预算, and ensure quality software delivery that transforms your operations.


Let’s talk about your enterprise software development.

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